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Sharing God's Love

As Christians, we are encouraged in the Bible to give freely. The Church of England suggests we should be giving five per cent of our income to the church, and another five per cent to other charities. The ten per cent figure derives from the Old Testament, but it is meant to be a basis for our giving – not a fixed sum. It is important that our giving should be sustained and regular– not just a dip into a pocket to see what’s there once a week.

Nearly all of St Mary's income comes from donations made by its members and other local supporters. Many of these give by monthly bank standing order rather than using the collection plate.

If you are a visitor to our church you are our guest and are not expected to give!

Where does the money go?

As a church we apply Biblical principles to our own finances by giving away a proportion of our income, regularly supporting various missionary societies and organisations.

Pie chart

For every £1.00 that is spent:

  • 66p goes to the Diocese (Parish Share) - into the common fund used for clergy salaries, clergy training etc. Some of this money will be used to support churches in more deprived areas.
  • 14p is used to maintain our buildings, and to pay for heating, lighting, insurance etc.
  • 9p is sent to the missions and other organisations we support.
  • 6p covers administration costs - printing, telephones, professional advice etc.
  • 3p is used for clergy expenses
  • 2p goes to support our ministry with young people.

How to Give

We try to make this as easy as possible! If you plan to give regularly the simplest way is by Bank Standing Order.

Tax payers

The government encourages giving to churches and we aim to make the most of this by encouraging everyone who pays tax to give under Gift Aid, which is very straightforward to do. For every £1 given by Gift Aid, the government adds 25p. All you need do is to sign a simple form that gives us permission to claim the tax on all gifts you make. You can then give by one of the following methods:

  • Bank Standing Order. This is the best and easiest method. Forms are available for download (see below) and at the back of church or you can set up the standing order directly with your bank.
  • Cheque. Simply make cheques payable to St Mary's PCC Radcliffe on Trent and place in the offering plate as you come into church. If it is a building society cheque please write your name on the back, otherwise we can’t claim the tax.
  • Cash. Please ask for a set of numbered envelopes for regular gifts or pick up a Gift Aid envelope from the back of church.

An alternative method is to use an independent charitable trust such as Charities Aid Foundation or Stewardship Services or to give through a Give as You Earn scheme.

Non taxpayers

We are not able to recover any tax on your giving, but please give regularly using any of the methods above.

What do I do next?

Prayerfully consider your support for St Mary's and it's work.

Once you have come to a decision it would be very helpful if you would fill out a promise form and return it to the Planned Giving Secretary. This allows St Mary's a measure of forward planning in its ministry. Details of individual responses are never passed on to anyone else.

Every few years St Mary's encourages all members to review their financial support. 2013 was the last such year. Download brochure.

Promise, Standing Order and Gift Aid forms are always available for download and at the back of church. If you are a tax-payer, please be sure to complete one of the Gift Aid forms as any gifts you make, regular or one-off, large or small will benefit the church by an extra 25p for every £1.00 donated.

For help or more details please contact the Planned Giving Secretary.


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