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This week, Heavenly Father, we pray for our own communities of Radcliffe on Trent and Shelford.  We pray for the various churches, the schools, the organisations and the Parish Council.  We pray for our shops and other businesses, for the transport, which gets us to and from our work or pleasure both locally and further afield.  We pray for the people both old and young that their lives may be fulfilling and we pray for those many people who live in both communities who have not yet turned to Jesus.  Finally we pray that every one of us can be a good example of your Love.



Today's Readings

1st Reading                1 Timothy  Ch. 2 vv. 1 – 7        

Gospel Reading          Matthew     Ch. 6  vv. 25 - 33     

Tuesday/Thursday readings

Ist Reading                 Hebrews Ch.1 vv. 1-4 Ch. 2 vv. 5-12 

Gospel Reading         Mark Ch 10 vv. 2 – 16

PLEASE NOTE - I am away this week. Please pass any notices you wish for Pews News to Mita Johnson.  I shall be back for the following week. Martin

SHINE THE LIGHT  - October 31st   5-7pm This is a big event that our church is putting on as an alternative to Halloween. It is also a diocesan advertised event for the southern half of our diocese. Families with children would love it, and there will be lots of fun crafts, games and activities. If you have a family, then come along, you will have a great time. Feel free to invite any friends as well. Rev’d Graeme

SHINE THE LIGHT – Will all house groups and others please start praying that advertising is done quickly and effectively and that the teams of people involved get up and running well.  Thank you. Iris McLean

EAST BINGHAM (MUSTARD SEED) PRAYER GROUP –. The next meeting is Tuesday 13 October 2015, 2pm at Cotgrave Church. Please come and join us to help pray for God’s blessing on our clergy, churches and the communities they serve. Lesley Haig, East Bingham Deanery Synod Lay Representative.

ST. MARY’S CHRISTMAS FAYRE -Yes, I know it's only September but time is flying past, and I would like to let you know, that St. Mary’s Christmas Fayre will be held on Saturday 14th November 9:30  am - 1:00 pm. Please put the date in your diary and don't miss out on a morning of fun and friendship! If you have any unwanted gifts or nearly new items, please could I have them for the Fayre?  Anyone who is considering having a table could you please liaise with me? Thank you. Margaret Scothern

STEWARDSHIP GIVING – All members of our church family are encouraged to give on a regular basis whether through the envelope scheme or by standing order through your bank.  There are forms at the back of the church which when completed should be handed to Sally Williams our church administrator.  If you pay sufficient tax please Gift Aid it. By giving through this scheme it helps us to budget throughout the year.

FRIDAY UNDER 5’s GROUP - Do you or someone you know have a few hours to spare on a Friday morning? We are looking for volunteers on a rota basis to help with any or all of the following: setting up and clearing away toys and equipment, serving refreshments, greeting parents/carers, storytelling, arts and crafts. Contact Victoria Tyreman  - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

DEPUTY WARDENS – We are looking for Deputy Wardens to help out particularly at the 9.00am and the 10.30am services on a Sunday.  Basically a Deputy Warden arrives early to set up for the service, and once given permission from the Bishop to dispense the elements at Holy Communion.  He/she also counts the number of adults and children (separately) attending and clears up after the service.  If you think you are being called to help with this duty please speak to a Churchwarden or Trevor Saunt who prepares the duty rota.

RADCLIFFE MEN’S EVENTS - Saturday 7th November - Breakfast at Tea At Maria's. As usual, feel free to invite any male friends and let Paul Dean (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) know if you intend to be at an event.  Harry Hughes

APPLE PICKING - The vicarage Bramley apple trees have done well again this year, and I am struggling to find the time to pick them. I will be picking them on Sunday 11th October at around 3pm, and if anyone would like to join me, I would be grateful. (little careful hands welcome too). Of course there will be apples being given away too! I need the loan of a wheelbarrow too for the day please. If anyone has ideas what can be done with the apples, please let me know. Judy Anderson

C.T.R. ST. MARY’S REPRESENTATIVE -We still need an extra St. Mary’s rep. In the mean time – I’m sorry to say - we shall have to cut back some of our contributions. The witness of a united Church can only be sustained by people. If there are any counter arguments, please let me know. Julia Hancock -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

SHOE BOXES REMINDER –Autumn means finding and lining our Christmas shoeboxes!  The leaflets plus more information about contents and recipients will go out next Sunday 11th October. Julia Hancock

YOUTH CONFIRMATION SERVICE Young people confirming their faith in Christ. On Saturday 5th March 2016 young people from across the diocese of Southwell & Nottingham are invited to join together and celebrate their faith in Jesus Christ. Bishop Paul says it is “A youth orientated ‘rite of passage’ experience that is a great opportunity to share with family and friends.  With diocesan support the young people will participate in preparing and leading the confirmation service.” For more details please speak to Rev’d Graeme.

LINK MAGAZINE – NEW EDITORIAL TEAM - We are seeking to recruit two or three people to join the Editorial Team so that they might be ready to take over when the present team retires at the end of the year. Some computer knowledge is necessary so they can work independently on various parts of the magazine to be collated at the end of the month. If you are looking for a new challenge, have a few hours to spare and would like to be involved in this very successful production please get in touch. Computer training will be given on the software used and support will be available during the takeover period. A job description and an estimation of the monthly time commitment is available upon request. LINK is very well regarded in the village, being a source of information on Church matters & Community news, as well as being a valuable source of income for the Church.  A new Editorial team is essential for the continuation of the magazine. Please contact The Editor – Brian Mendham  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Jenny Hudson  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information if you are interested or know someone who might be. Thank you.

This week, Heavenly Father, we pray for all whose lives are affected by death and destruction whether this is through war, indiscriminate shooting, or natural disasters. We pray again for the lives of migrants who through sheer desperation are prepared to walk or by any other means reach what they believe to be safe havens where their they or their family can live in peace. We pray for all those in this country who rightly or wrongly fear that people seeking benefits rather than work resulting in resentment and possible violence against others will overrun the country. Only you Lord knows the outcome and we pray that wise decisions are made with compassion. Finally we pray for the people traffickers whose greed for money has resulted in terrible tragedy through drowning and suffocation. We pray that they stop and repent of their wrongdoing.

EAST BINGHAM PRAYER GROUP – We all want our churches to be blessed by God and to be strong and vibrant worshipping communities. We want our clergy and Lay Leaders to be wise strong leaders who can lead the churches to flourish as worshipping and caring communities. To this end we are starting a Deanery prayer group to pray for the churches in the Deanery, and for all those in leadership within them. This prayer group does not need to be privy to a lot of information about the churches or leaders to pray for God’s blessing on them. The meetings of the prayer group will be on the third Tuesday of each month. They will begin at 2.00 pm with a cup of tea or coffee and then move on to both spontaneous spoken prayer and to silent reflective prayer for each area of the deanery. The meetings will end at approximately 3.30 pm. Please come and join us to help pray for God’s blessing on our churches and the communities they serve. The dates at the proposed venue churches (Cotgrave, Keyworth, Radcliffe on Trent, and Aslockton) will be advised as soon as possible. Lesley Haig, East Bingham Deanery Synod Lay Representative.


MESSAGE FROM THE WARD FAMILY - We wanted to say a huge thank you to all of the church community who supported our mum, Mary Ward, and all of the extended family during mum's period of illness. The church family was a massive support to us and proves the power of how a Christian church pulls together in times of need. Mary's lunch club, provided mum with much care and was a thing she looked forward to each day. The time I spent with mum in the last few weeks of her life showed me how valuable her friendships developed through the church were. The daily visits, chats with friends in the village and calls from people as part of their ministry were a source of great reassurance to mum and myself. I do not think that I could have survived such a difficult time without the love shown to us. Eve, Alice, Mark, Jan and many others really helped to offer reassurance and peace in the traumatic lead up to mum's death. My grateful thanks go to everyone who helped. Everyone showed the true meaning of Christianity, and should be proud of the massively positive impression it created of the St Mary's family. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! Anne.


CONFIRMATION – For those of you who are not yet confirmed, have expressed an interest in being confirmed and wish to take it further please speak to Rev’d Graeme.


HELP WITH SEWING - We are in need of someone who can sew, to make a couple of Nativity costumes. We have fabric to make a Wise Man’s cloak and a waistcoat for a Shepherd. If you think you can help us, please speak to Cori Cryer or Jude McLauchlan.


RADCLIFFE MEN’S EVENTS - This is the programme for the rest of the year. Thursday 1st October - Meal at The Royal Oak - to be seated at 7-30pm. Saturday 7th November - Breakfast at Tea At Maria's - 8-00am December - 'Over To You' - You'll have to read the Blog Page to find out what this is! 

As usual, feel free to invite any male friends and let Paul Dean know if you intend to be at an event.  Harry Hughes


CHURCH CLEANING ROTA - Two or three people, who have done it for several years, have had to drop out of cleaning the church. If anyone feels that they could lend a hand, say once every six weeks, to help clean the church or clean the brassware, then would they please get in touch with Sheila Brumfitt (church choir). The more volunteers we have means that your turn comes round less often. Many thanks. Sheila Brumfitt


ROCK SOLID - After the summer break Rock Solid starts up again on 13th September. Rock Solid is a chance for young people to get together and explore what it means to be a Christian through a mixture of games and activities. If you know any young people in school years 7 to 9 and you think they would enjoy Rock Solid please encourage them to come along on Sunday evenings 6.30pm to 8pm at St Mary 's Church Hall. Caroline Dickens


YOUTH WORK VOLUNTEERS - We are looking for volunteers to help with youth work not only for Rock Solid but also for an after school group which meets on a Tuesday. To best support the male young people in the Tuesday group it would be great if we could have a male volunteer. If you think you are able to help out or would like to know more please speak to Caroline Dickens or Jude McLauchlan..


DESIGN AND MAKE YOUR OWN JEWELLERY – All places for the session have been filled but it is hoped that another session can be arranged at a later date for those people who wish to participate but have not managed to get on this first session. Please refer to Judy Anderson.
Judy has a picture of some broaches if you would like to get an idea what the technique is like.


CHURCH ROOF – Are you wondering what is happening about the church roof? Following the listed buildings’ grant of £78,700 earlier in the year the churchwardens have actively been seeking grants. Up to now we have received in the region of £3000 and we are hoping for others to respond favourably. Thanks also must go to Father Alan whose letters to contacts have also been favourably received. The architects have received tenders and we are now waiting for a sight of them so that the PCC can agree which one to go forward with and what our target will be. A faculty application will then be made. St. Mary’s Building’s Committee/Churchwardens


 ST MARY’S HALL – There are a number of items, which have been left in the kitchen area on the shelf opposite the fridge freezer. These comprise amongst other the things a couple of aprons, a tablecloth, a drinks dispenser, plus various dishes and a small frying pan or similar. A bag of popular music cassettes has also been left. If these are yours could you kindly collect and take home as there is every chance if they remain uncollected in the next 14 days they will be suitably disposed of. St. Mary’s Hall Committee.


You are most welcome to stay for refreshments after each Sunday service, tea, coffee or fruit juice, to enjoy each other’s company and to welcome both newcomers and visitors.

The next Messy Church will be on Sunday 27 September 2015 in St. Mary’s Hall at 11 am. The next Messy Church at Shelford will be on Wednesday 30th September 2015 in the Village Hall at 4 pm. We look forward to seeing you there.


Rock Solid will recommence on Sunday 13th September 2015. We pray that all members including volunteers and helpers have had a terrific break coming back in September to continue in Christ’s footsteps.

Next Week’s Services - St. Mary’s

Sunday 13th September        9.00am         Holy Communion

                                                10.30am       Morning Service

Tuesday 15th September     10.00am       Traditional Holy Communion

Thursday 17th September   10.00am       Holy Communion


St. Peter & St. Paul’s Shelford                    

Sunday 13th September        No Service




Heavenly Father we pray this week for our children. We pray that they have a great and happy summer holiday so that they return to school this coming September refreshed ready to absorb more knowledge as the academic year progresses. We pray for those children who are leaving one school to join another; those leaving the infant school to join the junior school and those leaving the junior school to join an upper school whether South Nottinghamshire Academy or elsewhere.  We pray for those teenagers leaving school to progress to college or university that the knowledge they gain will equip them for life throughout whatever career they choose.  We also pray for those youngsters leaving school to find work; those youngsters who are seeking an apprenticeship or a career in the Armed Forces. You know, Lord, what is in store for them – keep them safe we pray.



Today's Services
1st Reading            Ephesians Ch.3  vv. 14 – 21   
Gospel Reading      John Ch. 6  vv. 1 - 21    

PEWS NEWS – Pews News will continue throughout August unlike other years. Please continue to let me have anything you wish the church family to know. If any member of the church family would like a copy of Pews News electronically please let me have, if I do not already have it, your email address. Martin Skeffington

REV’D CHRIS & LIZ YOUNGMAN – There will be a ‘Bring & Share Lunch’ Sunday 16 August to mark Chris and Liz’s move from Radcliffe to Rushden. There is a sign up sheet at back of church for those able to contribute.  We are also having a collection to show our appreciation for their contribution to St. Mary’s during their time here. Please give any contribution you wish to make to either Sue Megahy or Dave Townsend

YOUTH FOR CHRIST - The youth in Radcliffe have been exploring Christianity and faith through their youth alpha classes over recent months, which have led to some great conversations with our worker in Radcliffe, Abby. Abby has been excited by the questions that have been asked during youth alpha and has been encouraged by the attitude and responses of the young people in supporting each other. Several of the young people have asked what being in a relationship with Jesus is like and how they can also enter into a relationship with him. It has been an exciting season in Radcliffe and we believe that God is in control of the journeys of the young people.

PRAYER CHAIN – Would any member of our church family like to be part of the prayer chain?  Basically it consists of praying confidentially in your own home and then passing the subject of the prayer onto the next person.  Often it is praying for a person who is ill but could be anything that needs prayer.  Please contact Eve Drew or Peter Haynes

GLORY IN THE PUB – Jamming Session Friday 31st July 2015 Manvers Arms Pub. Passing on the Love of God through Music. Come and join the Riverside Church for a night of lively worship music, secular music and friendship.  Are you a budding musician/singer/songwriter? Whether it is your favourite song or one you have written yourself we want to hear it so don’t be shy.  Slots will be available throughout the night for you to have a go or just come along for a chat. Free nibbles provided courtesy of Riverside.

ST.MARY’S COACH TRIP – The trip to the North Yorkshire Moor’s Railway and Whitby Saturday 24 October is full. I am happy to make a reserve list in case anyone decides they cannot come for whatever reason. Martin Skeffington

LINK MAGAZINE DISTRIBUTOR - We are in need of a volunteer to take over the monthly delivery of LINK Magazine in St James Park & Upper Saxondale. There are thirteen magazines to deliver. Help is always available to cover sickness & holidays. If you think you could help please contact Jenny Hudson This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Thank you.

TEENAGE CANCER TRUST -Andy Morley-Tyson (Methodist Church) would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all who sponsored him on his recent Skydive! He raised just over £500 towards Teenage Cancer Trust, which, when added to the Team total with his work colleagues, totalled just over £2600! All went safely and he would do it again! A massive thank you, again, to everyone who very kindly sponsored

OPERATION HEATWAVE - In a week’s time, Dave Baskyfield from Wellspring along with a small team will be undertaking the Three Peaks Challenge in aid of Operation Heatwave.  This is the fundraising project for a new heating system in our building. The Three Peaks Challenge is to climb each one of the highest mountains in England, Scotland and Wales within 24 hours. A sponsorship form has been printed off and will be left on the table in Coffee Pot should anyone wish to sponsor him and his team.

THE BIG ‘E’ TRAINING DAY – This is aimed at everyone who works with children or young people, be they new or experienced. There’s a choice of workshops covering important areas of work with children and young people, and everyone will be able to choose three. All bookings by Friday 9 October 2015. There will also be a Market Place with a Bookstall (the Cathedral Shop), resources available to borrow from the Diocesan Resource Centre and displays from other agencies working with children and young people including Family Care, Christian Aid, Curbs Project, Rock UK, Footprints Theatre and Cathedral Education. The workshop leaders are a range of people with experience and expertise in their areas. Some work nationally or regionally for Christian agencies, while others work week-in, week-out with children and young people in their local church. The workshops cover a range of Big E basics to help, encourage and enthuse you. You will need to choose three workshops, with three others as your second choices (see booking form). We will try to make sure that you are given your first choices if possible. Some workshops have limited numbers, so early booking is advised. The cost at £10 per delegate includes LUNCH, drinks and biscuits. Make sure that you bring as many people from your church as possible, and share all that you learn after the event with your church. Many churches are willing to pay or help with the cost of the day, so please ask them! Payment options are detailed on the booking form and must be received before the event. Lunchtime is an opportunity to browse through the resources area, buy lots of new books as well as having lunch.  We welcome people with mobility problems. All workshops are located on the ground floor. We welcome young people who are helping with children in churches, as long as they are aged 15 and over. We are not able to provide crėche facilities. We welcome people from any church tradition or denomination, although the event is organised and sponsored by Southwell & Nottingham Diocese of the Church of England. The Minster School (NG25 0LG) is easy to find. Once you have reached Southwell, the school is located on Nottingham Road (A 612) next to Southwell Leisure Centre. Parking at the  school is available. Booking forms are available from the PCC Secretary.