Please continue to pray for those communities which are still getting back to normal following the extremely cold weather.  Pray that the infrastructure, particularly water supplies are repaired quickly.  Give thanks that here in Nottinghamshire we got off quite lightly compared with other parts of the country..



Readings (or as announced and/or as shown in service sheet)


1st Reading                   1 Samuel Chapter 1 verses 20 – 28            

Gospel Reading            Luke Chapter 2 verses 33 – 35    

ST. PETER & ST. PAUL’S          

Sunday 11th                        At St. Mary’s

Readings as Radcliffe unless amended and/or as shown in service sheet


ACTS & GRACE – ROAST PREACHER FOCUS - VICARAGE  - As part of the Sermon Series, Acts & Grace, there will be an opportunity to ‘grill’ the preacher.  After two sermons have been preached those who have spoken, will be available to answer questions or listen to reflections.  It is also hoped that these meetings will help the discussions Church Council will be having about the future shape of the church. These meetings take place at the Vicarage. The next meeting is Sunday March 18th at 4.00pm.  Lasting for one hour, tea and cakes will be served.  Mark and Sue would love to welcome you.  The last date is:-

Sunday March 25th                  4.00 – 5.00pm


CHURCHWARDEN - At the PCC meeting in January I announced that at our Annual Meeting in April I wouldn't be standing for re-election as Churchwarden for St Mary's. I feel that after two interregnums and a new roof it's time to stand aside I would like to thank everyone for their wonderful support over the past ten and a half years. St Mary's will now embark on a search for my successorThis needn't be a hugely onerous position, I will still be around at St Mary's for the foreseeable future and continue to carry out some of my present roles and provide support for a new churchwarden. If anyone would like further information please to ask me. - Dave Townsend


HOUSEKEEPING – An effort is being made to keep the front porch of the church as tidy as possible so that the approach into the main body of the building is more welcoming.  There are still things to do but eventually it is hoped that the area will be clear of any clutter and kept clear for the future.  The blue recycling bin is to be relocated outside next to the grey bin and chained to prevent it being removed.


REFRESH IN LENT WITH BISHOP PAUL - I will be leading the Refresh in Lent series taking place over two consecutive weeks in six locations around the diocese. Refresh in Lent is open to all but especially for anyone who exercises some aspect of ministry or leadership in their local church, workplace or wider community. This includes all those who serve on PCCs. A flyer should already have come to your parish or benefice for distribution.

Please would you kindly extend this invitation warmly to your congregation. “Refresh will take place over two consecutive weeks and the nearest for us is St. Giles, West Bridgford on Tuesday 13th March and Tuesday 20th March 2018. I will be joined by some of the younger leaders we are nurturing who will contribute in different ways to the evenings, all you need to do is come along open to receive and be refreshed. Bishop Paul


COACH TRIP TO SHERINGHAM – There are currently 3 places left on the coach. The cost is £30 per adult and £25 per child. The coach will leave from outside The Grange at 8.30am and return to Radcliffe for early evening. Martin Skeffington


MESSY CHURCH – Please note it is unlikely there will be a Messy Church in March due to staff shortages.  Details of the next Messy Church will be announced as soon as possible.


HOLIDAY CLUB 2018 - Tuesday April 10th – Thursday 12th April, 10.00am – 2.30pm.  Where is it?   St. Mary’s Church Hall and the Methodist Church. This year we are inviting the children to become astronauts at the “Space Academy” and to attend a Holiday Club service at St. Mary’s on the following Sunday, 15th April, at 10.30am.

We are still looking to recruit adults in these roles :-


Supporting a team leader-Working within a Starbase” (small group of 10 children)

Worship team “The Transporters”- particularly if you play an instrument 

Craft team - prepping beforehand, or helping in the craft zone (afternoons) OR designing and helping create  the “Space Academy” scene.

Refreshments ”Café Cosmos” - helping with making drinks and washing up

Walking bus supervisors “Shuttlecraft launch” - to help us escort the children safely between the two churches (afternoons)

Games “Fit for Space” team - Leading/helping to supervise games (afternoons) 

Clean up crew - to help set up at the beginning (on Monday 9th April) and pack away and clean up at the end of Holiday Club.

Prayer – This is an essential that everyone can do. Please pray for everyone taking part in “Holiday Club” and all the ongoing preparations. Please pray that God’s voice will be heard by those people He is calling.  It may be for the whole space journey, 1-2 days, mornings/afternoons.

Do you need more information? Is God calling you? Please speak to Cori Cryer, ( See also below).

NB:  Any volunteer who takes on certain roles will need to complete a DBS application to comply with our Safeguarding Policy.


“SPACE ACADEMY HOLIDAY CLUB” - Please will you save empty cereal packets, or other small boxes, Pringles’ tubes, kitchen roll middles, washing up liquid bottles, margarine tubs (with lids) and yoghurt pots. Please wash and dry the plastic items. I will put a box at the back of Church to collect these items for junk modelling. We will be making space crafts and robots. Please pray for the leaders and those helping at holiday club or with preparations. Pray too for all the children who will attend - that they will have amazing fun and grow in their understanding of Jesus and His love for them. Cori Cryer


TOOLS WITH A MISSION – Have you any superfluous tools, which may enable people in the third world to have independent and fulfilling lives? The Christian charity “Tools with a Mission” will gratefully refurbish and transport them.  Please contact Mary Fox  For more details please visit:-   


BEREAVEMENT LISTENING -The next Bereavement Listening and Information hour will be on Wednesday 14th March, 11.00am to 12 noon in St. Anne's Meeting room, New Rd., Radcliffe. A warm welcome with tea & coffee awaits you however recent or long ago the Bereavement. 
Iris McLean


GOOD FRIDAY SERVICE - This year’s service will take place at St. Anne’s Church and will start at 10.30am. Afterwards there will be a walk down to the Post Office outside of which will be sung “When I survey the wondrous cross” around the wooden cross.  Hot cross buns will be handed out.  There is no walk down from the catalyst Church this year.

There will be no mid Lent meeting this year due to fewer people taking part in the CTR Lent course. Julia Hancock  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.