Heavenly Father we pray this week for our own community of Radcliffe on Trent.  We give thanks that there has been no significant damage following the recent storms and we give particular thanks that the new church roof survived without any damage.  We pray for our schools and for our young people from children to teenagers.  We pray for the various organisations in the village, the Boys’ Brigade, Anchor Association, Scouts, Cubs, Brownies and Girl Guides.  We pray for our own One Way Club and Rock Solid and the monthly Messy Church.  We pray that each and every person both child and adult will receive the Christian message that Jesus Christ is our Saviour.  We pray for the new Methodist minister Rev’d Mark Roberts who will be joining our community soon with all his responsibilities as superintendent minister of the Nottingham South Circuit.  As fellow Christians we wish him well.  Finally we pray for our own church waiting for our own new vicar.  We pray that the interviews in early April will produce the right person.


Readings (or as shown in service sheet)

1st Reading         Genesis  Chapter 2   verses 15 – 17; Chapter 3 verses 1 – 7  

Gospel Reading         Matthew Chapter 4 verses 1 – 11          


PRAYING FOR OUR NEW VICAR – Although the advertisements have been placed and the Parish profile is on the internet we still need to pray that the right person applies, fulfilling both our needs and those of our Bishop Paul.  Interview day will take place during Wednesday 19th April in St. Mary’s Hall.  There will be no Coffee Pot on that day.  A reminder to this effect will be placed in Pews News closer to the time.


LENTEN ADDRESSES – A year ago set myself a small task of preparing a series of special addresses for the Tuesday services of Holy Communion during the five weeks of Lent.  It had not occurred to me to do so this year until a request came from a parishioner.  By way of response I have prepared another series for the Tuesday and some of the Thursday services viz:-

Fishers of Men

Listen to the Wind – Nicodemus

What thine Ye of Christ

A True Saying

The River and the Sea

Rev’d Canon Alan Haydock


CTR LENT GROUPS BOOKING FORMS   The course starts this week. The title of the course is “Receiving Christ in five different ways.” [York Course].   It’s our ecumenical preparation for Easter. We hope to have mixed denominational groups, so we can meet, and learn form each other. Ask Julia Hancock - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want to know more.


NOTTINGHAM STREET PASTORS - Lynda Blakeley of Nottingham Street Pastors has been invited to speak on Thursday 23rd March at 7.30pm at St. Anne’s Church, New Road about their work in Nottingham. This open to anybody from either inside or outside our village churches so everyone is welcome.  There are refreshments afterwards and the meeting, which is half way through the Lent course, will be one of the five ways of receiving Christ i.e.  “Receiving Christ in the stranger” Julia Hancock.


INVITATION – Greetings! Radcliffe Methodist Church invites you to join us on Sunday 12th March at 4.00pm at our Church for the Induction Service of our new minister the Rev’d Mark Roberts.  He will be inducted as our Superintendent Minister for the Nottingham South Circuit and will be based in Radcliffe. There will be tea after The Service. Stuart Jones Chair of CTR


EAST BINGHAM (MUSTARD SEED) PRAYER GROUP –. The next meeting is 2pm Tuesday 21st March at All Saints, Cotgrave. Come and join us to help pray for God’s blessing on our clergy, churches and communities they serve. If you would like to pray at home for our Area Dean Rev’d Canon Bronwen Gamble and the Deanery, do speak to Stella Holbrook or Jude McLauchlan


FUNDRAISING – If any of you would like to help with fundraising for St. Mary’s without any cost to yourself please use the link below.



REFUGEE FORUM TROLLEY – Thank you everyone who donates to this trolley.  We do, however, have a problem with mice in the church and we have found that biscuits, cereals and the like which have been left overnight in the trolley have been gnawed.  It would be prudent therefore if you wish to leave food in the trolley not to include biscuits or anything else that might attract the mice. A list in the trolley gives various alternatives.


ST. MARY’S COACH TRIP – Only 4 seats left on the coach to the Severn Valley Railway.  The coach will leave as usual from outside The Grange at 8.30am Saturday 13th May 2017 returning to Radcliffe for early evening. Cost is £30.00 adult and £25.00 child under the age of 14.  A seat on the coach will be guaranteed once the ticket price has been paid.  It is non refundable.  For further details please contact Martin SkeffingtonThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


PEWS NEWS –If you have e-mail facility and wish to have your e-mail address added to my list please let me know using the e-mail address at the top of the first page. Many thanks. Martin Skeffington


PRAYER PILGRIMAGE TO THE HOLY LAND -The Armed Forces Christian Union is running this prayer pilgrimage to the Holy Land. The purpose is to inform pilgrims of how to pray sensitively for the area, and to this end visits will include those to the sites of past conflict – including the valley where David fought Goliath! For more information contact Stephen and Di Matthews or call the AFCU Office direct tel: 01252 311211 - e-mail  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or go on to the AFCU web site www.afcu.org.uk/events


BEREAVEMENT - The monthly Bereavement Listening & Information will take place on Wednesday 8th March 11.00am – 12 noon.  A warm welcome for anyone to talk over tea/coffee awaits you at St. Anne’s Meeting Room, New Road, Radcliffe on Trent.  For further information contact Iris McLean, Christine Anderson or Celia Radcliffe. This service has been set up in memory of Ian McLean.


GIVING – The weekly giving through the envelope scheme and the monthly giving by Standing Order really does help our Treasurer to know how to budget throughout our fiscal year.  We thank everyone who takes part in these forms of giving and those who have signed up for Gift Aid as the additional income again is really useful.  We would encourage other members of our Church family to prayerfully consider joining either method of Giving as although we try to be as careful as possible with our spending there is always the unexpected cropping up which we have to find the money for. For further information speak to our parish administrator Sally Williams who is only too happy to help with Standing Order forms.


BEREAVEMENT AND LOSS WORKSHOP - Saturday 18th March, 10am-4pm, St Helen's Church, Stapleford NG9 8FN. Cost: £15 (bring your own lunch). The aim of this workshop is to give an understanding of bereavement and loss, and to demonstrate how we can practically support people in coming to terms with the pain and reality of dying and death. For enquiries and registration: Please contact Sue Goring -  e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


SAME SEX MARRIAGES - Following the recent discussion at General Synod regarding same-sex marriage and related matters in the context of the Church of England, for those of you who are interested you will find two pastoral letters: one from Bishop Paul and one, a joint letter, from the Archbishops on the diocesan website.