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Many thanks to the 88 people who filled out our service questionnaire earlier this year.

Here is a potted summary of your replies 
and also a reminder of what the questions were!

Please click here to fill in your up-to-date contact details and your contact preferences.

Data protection law is changing at the end of May and we are keen to make sure that any contact details we hold for you are correct and that you only hear from us in ways that you are happy with. We would be most grateful if you would fill out the accompanying form with the details you would like us to use when we contact you. 

We will also be taking this opportunity to completely refresh our Church Family list which has become slightly out-of-date. This is the nearest thing we have to a list of members and the basis for all our membership administration and pastoral visiting. So, if you consider yourself a part of St Mary’s, then it is very important that you tick this option. (Please note that we will not remove the names of existing members who are no longer well enough to give us the information themselves.) 

Most of our communication with you will happen as part of normal church business (or our ‘legitimate interests’ in data protection speak.) However, some types of communication - particularly anything that could be described as ‘promotional’ and which involves electronic communication - will need your clear consent. While it is very useful for us to have the option to email or text you about appeals and new services, we will only do so if you give your permission. 

You have the choice of either filling out the online form above or a paper form in church.

Our full privacy notice can be viewed on the church website at Privacy Policy or at the back of church. Copies are also available from the church office. 

Thank you so much for your help with this.

Pews News

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Supported by Listed Places of Worship Roof Repair Fund

St Mary’s, Radcliffe on Trent parish church, is pleased to announce that work finished on our project to re-roof the church at the end of November 2016.

Our roof has leaked for many years and following a particularly severe storm in 2014 we decided re-roofing the church must be our priority to maintain a safe and weatherproof place of worship. The work involves removing the concrete tiles, replacing them with slates as used when the church was re-built in the 1870s.  

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