St Mary's Radcliffe on Trent

Sharing God's Love


Baptism is a wonderful decision and occasion, not only for us, but for God too. If you are considering baptism, we would be delighted to speak with you.

Please contact the office and we will arrange for a member of the clergy to talk with you. After this we hope to send a couple of regular attenders of our church to see you. They can then let you know what church is like from their perspective and answer any questions you may have as best they can.

Baptisms normally take place as part of one of our main services. However, during the months when we are 'between vicars' we anticipate that baptisms will generally be held at lunchtime on either the 2nd or 3rd Sunday of the month. 


A wedding is a fantastic occasion, it should be, and we at St. Mary's and St. Peter & St. Paul's want to help it be a most special occasion. It is so important to God that we all have significant and secure lives, and He want to help us with that. The first step is to contact the church office. There is a lot to consider and arrange before a wedding, so it is often wise to contact us earlier rather than later.


Planning a funeral is a daunting experience and clearly it always comes when we are feeling at our worst.  So our advice is to contact a funeral director first of all and they will give you expert guidance and take care of all the practical arrangements - of which the funeral service itself is only one.  At St Mary's we regularly work closely with both of the funeral directors in the village.

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