St Mary's Hall

Church and Community Hall
Radcliffe on Trent


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Opening Hours

The operating hours of the Hall are
0800 to 2300 -  Monday to Saturday
0900 to 2230  - Sunday

The hall is available for general hire within these hours except on Sundays (the caretaker's day off!) when it is reserved for church use and related events such as Baptism parties.

Booking Procedure

An idea of which rooms are currently available to book can be obtained by looking at the availability calendar. 
Alternatively you can contact the Booking Secretary (as described on the contacts page) to discuss your options.
To confirm that that your desired timeslot is definitely available, to request further details or to make a provisional booking please also contact the Booking Secretary.

We regret that we are not able to accept bookings for parties where the majority of the guests are in their teens.

Whole Day / Half Day Bookings

These can usually be arranged provided they are booked well in advanced

Booking forms

Will be sent to you when you make a provisional booking.

Hire Charges

Events are priced on an individual basis depending on your particular requirements.

However, to give you some idea, the guideline hourly rate (from Sept 2019) for occasional non-profit or private use of less than 4 hours is
Main Hall - £14.60
Meeting rooms - £8.42

Light use of the kitchen is included. 
Slightly higher rates apply for business use while regular users are entitled to a 10-15% discount. Bookings of 4 hours or more are priced individually.

Our normal minimum hire period is 1 hr 15 mins.

Daytime parties are priced as follows (from March 2016):
£28 for the first hour, then £8.50 per hour for each hour after that. (So £45 for 3 hours and so on.)

Any booking that requires the caretaker to close up later than 10pm will attract an excess of £10 (or £20 for 11pm).

Please remember to include an adequate amount of preparation and clearing up time in your booking time.
All hirings are made on a 'leave the hall as you find it" basis and any extra cleaning that is required after your event may be charged for.

Hire FAQs

What is included?

The hire charge includes use of the room(s) booked and light use of the kitchen for drinks and pre-prepared food.
In the case of parties the charge includes full use of the kitchen and use of the foyer.

If the kitchen is to be used for food preparation or cooking it is important that full use of the kitchen should be requested when booking. You are welcome to use the Hall's tables, chairs, crockery, glasses and cutlery but we do expect you to put them back in a clean condition afterwards!

What do I need to bring?

You will need to bring any consumables  ( tea, coffee etc ), linen (tea towels, tablecloths). Spare bin bags and any washing up sponges etc are usually a good idea.
If you are cooking please bear in mind that there is only a basic supply of cooking equipment so  you may need to supply your own cooking pots and pans etc (stainless steel pans only on the ceramic hob, please).


St Mary's Hall holds a premises licence for public entertainment (music, dancing etc),  a Performing Rights Society Licence (for live music) and a community building PPL licence (for recorded music). We do not, however, have a premises licence for the sale of alcohol.
It is crucial to contact the Booking Secretary before applying to Rushcliffe Borough Council for any additional licence for an event at the hall.
If you are running a for-profit class which involves recorded music, it is your responsibility to make sure you have the correct  PPL licence.


The Hall's public liability insurance only covers liabilities arising from defects in the building or negligence of the Hall's management committee. All hirers are strongly recommended to take out their own insurance. (Individuals should check with their household insurers that their proposed activity is covered). All commercial and long-term hirers MUST have their own public liability insurance.

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