St Mary's Hall

Church and Community Hall
Radcliffe on Trent

Information about using St Mary's Hall. 

Sadly, we are not be able to take bookings for social events or other one-off bookings at this stage or for the foreseeable future. However, most regular bookings have now resumed.

Will we notice any changes?

Things are looking more normal now ...... but there are still a few differences from pre-Covid times.

Available rooms

All our rooms are now available for regular hirers.

However, to allow everyone plenty of space and air, we are working at reduced maximum capacities.
These are:

Main Hall - 40
Rainbow / Ark Rooms - 8
Dove Room - 4

The hall kitchen can be used. (Don't forget your tea towel!). You may find it easier, though, to ask people bring their own food and drink rather than use the communal kitchen. 

The foyer area is still for access only (or in some circumstances, for up to 2 small tables). People waiting to come to an activity - or to pick up / drop off participants - should wait outside, please.

Before we accept any booking, the organiser will be asked to produce a suitable risk assessment detailing how they are intending to keep everyone at their event as safe as possible. (Possible Risk Assessment Template). All activities are also expected to take into consideration any guidelines relevant to their sector.

Please make sure that everyone knows not to attend your activity if they have symptoms of COVID or if they have been told to self-isolate.


There are sanitiser 'stations' in the foyer and the Main Hall. However, you may also want to bring your own sanitiser. As usual the hall first aid kit will be situated in the kitchen and includes basic PPE. Again, you may prefer to bring your own kit.


The hall will be cleaned as normal at the beginning of the day. Hirers will then be responsible for cleaning all high-touch surfaces both before and after their sessions.


Please open doors and windows  (as the weather allows) to maximise ventilation. The foyer windows and kitchen hatch may be helpful for this. 

The right-hand door of the double fire escape doors in the main hall should only be opened in an emergency. However, the other doors may be used for ventilation, as long as recorded music is not being played at the same time.

Obviously, please do remember to check that all windows and doors are closed again before you leave!

The air conditioning units do not bring in any fresh air, so their use should be avoided, please.

Face coverings

These are no longer required by law in community buildings. However, we recommend that you consider their use in shared areas (particularly when the hall is being used by more than one group). 

Track and Trace

Again this is no longer mandatory - and is at the discretion of each activity. Our QR code will be available for those who wish to use it.

We are still asking all hirers / activity leaders to make an entry in the hall log book each time they use the hall and to include their arrival and departure times. (This entry will not contain any personal data. )

Booking schedule

We will aim to allow a small gap between each booking - for any cleaning to take place and for ventilation. It is very important that your event does not over-run the time you have booked.

Please note that it may not be possible for everyone to return to the same booking slot as previously. (Our minimum bookable period is 1 hour 15 minutes.) 


Hall risk assessment and hiring terms and conditions

The additional terms and conditions that will apply to all bookings until further notice can be seen here.  The hall COVID risk assessment is available here


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