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Following Jesus: Would you like to find out more? Join us in a friendly and relaxed environment for a couple of hours each week to explore what the Christian faith is all about. This is open to anyone regardless of where you are starting from.

Give yourself this opportunity of finding out what makes Christian people ‘tick’. Do come along for the first session or two and, if you would like to, attend the other sessions as well. New groups begin from time to time.

For information about when and where we shall meet, please call the church office on 0115 8451656.

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The New Year gives us all an opportunity to reflect on where we are going and what are our priorities for the year ahead.
At St.Mary’s Church in recent weeks we have been working at refining our vision for this worshipping community, so that everyone knows what our most important objectives are. We have crystallised these into three main themes:

  1. We are a community of people who worship God and follow Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour. We seek to reflect his character and wishes in every part of our lives.
  2. We seek to grow in love for one another and for all in this community in meaningful and practical ways.  
  3.  We believe that church is for everyone, regardless of age, circumstances or status. 

So, what does this mean in practical terms? How will following these objectives help us to become more relevant within the local community and more helpful, caring and welcoming to any who seek our friendship and support?

Jesus is, of course, the supreme example of someone who loved and cared for any in need, regardless of their background or status. We Christians aim to follow his example in our attitudes to others, whether members of the church or not. This may very well mean putting the needs of others before our own.

The love we try to show to all is not merely sentimentalism, but is based on our trying to meet real needs with real and positive action. If one of our number, one of our neighbours or someone we may come into contact with needs help and support because of sickness, bereavement or conflict, we try our very best to respond in a way that actually makes a difference. However, we are all God’s “work in progress”, and may not always get it right!

We firmly believe that church is here for everyone, regardless of age or background. If you try a visit to St.Mary’s for one of our worship services, we trust that you will receive a warm welcome and an opportunity to meet other people like yourself with hopes and dreams just like yours. You will find that we are a likeable group of people. Why not give us a go this New Year?

Wishing all our readers a blessed New Year.

David Payne


The Alpha course is free and is a wonderful opportunity for anyone to explore the Christian Faith in a relaxed and friendly setting. It involves 10 weekly sessions, with a meal first, as well as a day away.

A course takes place in Radcliffe approximately once a year. Contact us for details of the next series planned.

Over 8 million people worldwide have now attended an Alpha course and more information can be found on their website -